Hypoallergenic Dog Treats.

The next generation of treats packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and other tail wag inducing nutrients.

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We've thought about this... A LOT.

No dog parent ever wants to worry about the health of their pet. With over 30% of dogs having food-related allergies we're are always on the hunt to find the perfect treat with the confidence that it wouldn’t cause our four-legged friends any distress Tired of busy labels and difficult-to-understand ingredients, we said, “why not just make them ourselves” which brings us to ChirpSnax! The hypoallergenic, sustainably-made dog treat that promotes wellness for both our dogs and the longevity of our planet.

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Dogs come first

Every decision we make is focused on the the best outcomes for our dogs. We focus on our ingredients, production, quality, and beyond to ensure it's the best hypoallergenic treat for our pups.


Not quite our secret ingredient but it is our superfood of choice. With more grams of protein per ounce than chicken or beef, omega-3s, fiber, and more. Crickets are the ultimate superfood for dogs which is why it's the central ingredient that enables us to produce nutrient dense, delicious, and hypoallergenic treats.

Heart Healthy

We prioritize the health of our pups at every level. Cricket powder naturally contains omega-3s which are very heart healthy and we don't add any sodium to our products. Crickets + no added salt = healthy hearts.

Gluten Free

At ChirpSnax we try and ask the obvious questions like, why would we use gluten products when it's a known allergen for dogs? So we use gluten free alternatives like: Oat flour, buckwheat flour, and casava flour.

Dairy Free

Like humans dogs aren't designed to drink the dairy of other animals and like humans many dogs have a hard time with dairy products so you'll find no dairy in ChirpSnax treats because if it's better for them, why wouldn't we do it?


From ingredients with a low environmental impact to the packaging we're focused on creating treats and products that are good for the entire ecosystem.